WeHo: JustFabulous and Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne Launch

Photo Credit: WENN
Pictured: Mena Suvari, Avril Lavigne, Elle Fowler, Blair Fowler

Ultra Punk Avril Lavigne’s clothing line, Abbey Dawn (that’s still around??), is partnering up with JustFabulous for her latest collection. Not like anyone is really interestd but the collection is online but apparently the way JustFab works is that you have to become a member. With that, we will not speak anymore about Abbey Dawn or Ultra Punk Avril Lavigne but point out the Elle and Blair Fowler of EllenandBlair.com make their debut to site. Hitting up the Wiki, we found that they have an entry and so therefore are going the lazy route to give you more info on the two:

Lisa “Elle” Fowler (born May 25, 1988) and Elizabeth “Blair” Fowler (born April 1, 1993) are sisters who post beauty and style-related tutorials on YouTube under the monikers AllThatGlitters21 (Elle) and juicystar07 (Blair). Elle first stumbled into the beauty and fashion world of YouTube the summer of 2008, and soon convinced Blair to begin filming videos as well. Their videos of makeup tutorials and clothing hauls quickly garnered a large audience and rose in popularity. [Wiki]

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