Will Smith Needs To Get A Hold Of Daughter Willow Before It’s Too Late!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

I get it–Willow is Will Smith’s fashion-forward, trendsetting daughter who’s not anything like normal girls her age, but at what point do you go to your daughter & tell her that she might be overreaching, spending too much cash on stupid things or possibly even “trying too hard,” assuming the latter is even possible in the Pinkett-Smith household. Today she’s an 11-year-old little girl, but if Will Smith doesn’t do anything, Willow might transform herself into a 25-year-old boy, all in the name of “being different,” “thinking outside the box,” etc., etc..

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the “Whip It” singer Willow was showing off her fashionista side while cat-walking around NYC with cropped green hair & freaky, yet probably really expensive, wedge heels. For the record, her single “Whip It” had to be one of the most overrated & annoying songs in recent history. I get that her main audience is little kids, but the fact that she performed that song on “American Idol” (I’m sure daddy had a hand in that) & more annoyingly, it was regularly looped on normal radio stations, makes it open to criticism and moreover, serves as a blatant example of the abuse of money & power (mainly Will Smith’s).