South Beach, Day 2: Irina Shayk & Anne V Work Their Bikini Bods! OW!

Photo Credit: WENN

First off, if you missed the first set of bikini pics from Friday, check here!

Both ladies are currently enjoying some electro beats in Miami as the 2012 World Music Conference comes to an end today. We should also note that both Irina Shayk & Anne V are in the city without their respective boyfriends, so for all you sugar daddies who think you can steal a chick away from either Cristiano Ronaldo or Adam Levine, proceed with extreme caution.

I’m pretty sure 90% of dudes are turned away simply because they’re intimidated by the boyfriends, but I feel like money can ultimately compensate for shortfalls in fame & looks. At least, that’s the way normal dudes like myself can still continue going on fantasizing about one day having it all (i.e. yacht, jet, hottie, etc). Having said that, dudes like Cristiano & Adam Levine command a hefty premium over your run-of-the-mill good-looking famous and/or rich men. If I had to put a Sugar Daddy Premium on them, I’d have to say that if you have a billion in the bank, you can pull it off, but if you’re swimming in the shallow end of the pool of sugar daddy bank accounts (100-500 million), chances are pretty slim that you’d get either chick to bite. They might nibble here & there, it’ll take a lot to get these chicks to bite.
Photo Credit: WENN

  • LaLa

    I don’t like Anne V. She looks old and boring with thin lips and a high forehead. Irina is crooked in the face but surprisingly, it all comes together decently. Irina’s body is fantastic. Having said that, Irina reminds me of a guy I used to work with. Borderline tranny.