American Reunion: Film Review

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If you’ve enjoyed movies like The Hangover, Bridesmaids, and The Change-Up you can thank the runaway success of American Pie, the 1999 runaway hit that ushered in the Golden Age of Hollywood’s Gross-Out Sex and Raunch Comedies that audiences line up by the billions to watch. And download.

Ah, downloading! Downloading porn, that is. Gone are the attempts by awkwardly horny teenagers to lose their virginity to freshly baked goodies and in their place is the now standard lament of married people that their sex lives actually entail having sex. American Reunion might sound like it’s just going to be about old crushes and grudges coming to a head at a high school reunion, but that’s really just the crust.

The gooey filling is about how 13 years have passed and the cast of characters we’ve come to know and love (and sometimes secretly admire) have settled into recognizable patterns of adulthood. Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) is now the proud poppa of a toddler. Married to Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), they spend less time co-parenting than they do watching online porn and sneaking off to the shower for self-gratification. Oz (Chris Klein) has matured (?) into a douchier version of his younger self with a shrill and brainless (but still smokin’ hot) girlfriend (Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock fame) who you just know will never find happiness in his career as an overly tanned sportscaster. And then there is Jim’s father, the uber Jew, who is tethered to reality only in so much as the Torah will allow. Oiy ve!

The movie is a big improvement on the two sequels, delivering consistent laughs throughout even though you can probably see them coming from a few feet ahead of their arrival. Hey, at least it’s just a few feet and not miles. You can thank the boisterous cast for that, mostly Seann William Scott whose Stifler steals each and every scene in which he appears and who makes sex seem like it’s more of a militant religion than a consenting act between two adults. Submit or die! If the Libido Gods were to descend upon America, they would appear – as one – in the body, mind, and groin that is Stifler.

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