“Titanic” 3D Rerelease K.O’d by “Hunger Games” at the Box Office!

Well, here’s a first: a James Cameron movie opening at the box office that didn’t shove its way to the top spot and then stay there for a few months.

Okay, to be fair, we’re talking about the 3D re-release of Titanic, which opened in third place . . . and which made us wonder when Leonardo DiCaprio started to pack on those pounds. I mean, he was so skinny! And please, no Kate Winslet fat jokes. Those are so 1990s.

The Hunger Games continued its dominance of the box office with yet another $33.5 million in domestic receipts, proving yet again that Jennifer Lawrence is a major star and that teens can drive any franchise into the stratosphere, whether they be great (Hunger Games) or godawful (Twilight). Let the ‘team’ing begin!

Team American Pie opened in second, in case you were wondering, with a respectable $21.5 million. Maybe this means there will be a fourth sequel . . . maybe.

The top ten films at the box office this weekend were as follows:

1. “The Hunger Games” – $ 33.5 million
2. “American Reunion” – $ 21.5 million
3. “Titanic 3D” – $ 17.4 million
4. “Wrath of the Titans” – $ 15.0 million
5. “Mirror Mirror” – $ 11.0 million
6. “21 Jump Street” – $ 10.2 million
7. “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” – $ 5.0 million
8. “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” – $ 1.0 million
9. “John Carter” – $ 0.8 million
10. “Safe House” – $ 0.6 million

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"When James Cameron made his movie, he was interested in everything except what the story was actually about. I confess I have very little memory of the film except for Kate Winslet's lush full breasts and some tedious sub-Riverdance prancing in the hold, but what I do recall traduced the memory of honorable men: In my book, I cite First Officer William Murdoch. In real life, he threw deckchairs to passengers drowning in the water to give them something to cling to, and then he went down with the ship – the dull, decent thing, all very British, with no fuss. In Cameron's movie, Murdoch takes a bribe and murders a third-class passenger. The director subsequently apologized to the First Officer's hometown in Scotland and offered £5,000 toward a memorial, which, converted into Hollywood dollars, equals rather less than what Cameron and his family paid for dinner after the Oscars."


Well most people have seen Titanic tbh and not everybody wants to spend more money just to see it again, not with this shitty economic condition. no wonder Hunger Games has more audiences.


Happy for American Reunion cast


I wouldn't pay to see any of these movies.