NOTE TO PHOTOGRAPHERS: Madison Leisle is ONLY 12 Years Old!!

Photo Credit: WENN

File this under the “That’s just wrong” because photographers covering the 10th anniversary of Hermosa Beach Surfer’s Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony decided to stay around and take photos of 12 year old Madison Leisle as she tossed a football on the beach in her tiny juniors size bikini over the weekend. Yes, we’re probably really messed up for doing this post and getting the attention of you readers, you know, all 15-20 of you that can actually connect to the site, but I guess Madison would relish in the attention considering she’s 12 and has her own Twitter account and is best-known for her role on the webseries The Walking Dead: Torn Apart.

I say we keep away from posting Madison ever again for another 4 years, you know, unless she gets into Bella Thorne territory… or if the site is even still up 8 months from now given that you probably crashed out trying to click to read this post. As for the photographers, keep doing what you gotta do to make that paycheck but 12 year olds in a bikini, we think waiting a while before bikini exploitation is a good idea.