Has-Been Reality TV Star Stephanie Pratt Rocks Red Bikini In Hawaii!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

For the record, we’re not trying to be mean w/ the has-been classification, but merely stating a fact. Stephanie Pratt’s career took a nosedive following her stint on MTV’s fake-reality TV series “The Hills,” which ended in July, 2010. Does Stephanie even have proper representation b/c she has appeared in literally nothing since leaving that show. I guess the media’s hatred for her douche bag brother Spencer Pratt & sister-in-law Heidi Montag left shit stains on Stephanie’s career.

Anyway, these were snapped yesterday afternoon as Stephanie was spotted enjoying a Hawaiian vacation in celebration of her 26th birthday. The former reality TV star wore a somewhat awkward-looking red bikini while boogie boarding with friends on a secluded beach in Oahu.

  • JackTorrance

    That’s an unfortunate torso.

  • spangly

    She is rectangular. Not attractive.

  • Leni

    A waist would make a big difference

  • spangly

    Much better. She doesn’t resemble SpongeBob now…at least body wise.

  • JackTorrance

    Wow what a difference!!!

  • the kitten

    i really dislike tattoos like the one she has because it always looks like a bruise, or some weird random dirt stain, or in her case, random dark pubic hairs coming through her bikini bottom. nice look.
    people are so fucking stupid. why dont they think about the tattoo they’re getting, and the placement of it, before they get it inked on their bodies for eternity?