Coachella 2012: Emma Watson Might Be In Love With New Boyfriend Will Adamowicz

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

It’s nice to see all these Jewish dudes getting a piece of some really prime Hollywood real-estate (the other one is Leighton Meester’s new boy-toy)! Bastards!

As Abba touched on earlier this weekend, Emma Watson was enjoying the Coachella music festival with her new boyfriend Will Adamowicz. From the looks of these latest photos from the festival’s final night, it appears these two might be in love. Let’s hope Emma doesn’t prematurely tie the knot or anything before getting some Bastardly Celebrity Relationship Consulting (it’s a new service we’re offering to celebrities & rich people).

Aside from Emma soaking in Coachella, I think it’s safe to say that the aftershocks of the earthquake caused by Emma’s legs @ “The Bling Ring” film shoot in Venice Beach last week are still being felt. If you missed it, hit below.