• Noah

    i really like the way in Europe and the rest of the world, short dudes score hot chicks! i’m 5’6.

  • McPerv

    Yeah, I’d like this.

  • sevic86

    wow she is a looker!

  • Noah

    i just had this wierd though… if this chick said you could do whatever you wanted to her if you would drink her pee, what would you do?

  • Noah

    … wierd thought…

  • karmathebitch

    aussie power!!

  • johnconnor77


  • veronica 2.0

    kind of generic looking model

  • LaLa

    Yes! Hometown hero. Stunning in every sense of the word. She is old school glamour mixed with raw sex appeal (such a rare combo).

  • Larry Sanders

    Wouldn’t have to hitch that skirt up by very much…

  • McPerv

    Um, what’s the down side?

  • McPerv

    It’s what makes short skirts so damn sexy. The showing of legs is nice, but it’s the fantasy of easy access that gives men boners.

  • mooty

    legs so long I’d have to go up on her