Las Vegas: Ladies Who Attended “She Wants Me” Movie Release

Photo Credit: WENN
Pictured: Kristen Ruhlin, Tenille Houston, Janna Vanheertum

Cast members of She Wants Me celebrated the release of the movie at Tabu Ultra Lounge at MGM Grand in Las Vegas over the weekend. Hilary Duff also stars in the movie; however, she didn’t bother to show up but having a newborn is a reasonable excuse. Also in the movie is Charlie Sheen, who’s character is aptly named Charlie. This sounds like a limited release candidate. For more info, visit the She Wants Me official website.

Sam (Josh Gad) is a writer, working on a feature film. His girlfriend has been promised the lead role when a well-known starlet, Kim Powers (Hilary Duff) suddenly becomes interested in the part. [Wiki]

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veronica 2.0
veronica 2.0

never heard of this movie. no wonder it has z-list ladies at its premiere