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Aging Supermodels Are . . . INSANE!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

The Aging Supermodel with the Mostest (Insanity), Janice Dickinson, had her Joker-esque charms on full display yesterday at the Hollywood Bowl where she took to the streets to reenact part of The Shining. Or so thought most onlookers who wondered what Skeletor was doing in the parking lot, jumping up and down, and blowing butterfly kisses to the paparazzi. She was supposed to be there for a Colplay concert, but methinks the bigger and better show was wherever Janice was.

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in the picture where she is jumping... it looks like she weighs 20 lbs. She looks so unnatural and has been made to look insane by the media. she is just fucked up all over the place im pretty sure she always pops pills

The Devil
The Devil

Janice Dickinson was a bad bitch in her day.

This is NOT her day.