‘House of Anubis’ Star Nathalia Ramos Bikini Pics From Los Angeles!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Pictured: Nathalia Ramos w/ Pierson Fode.

The papz on the scene labeled the dude chasing Nathalia Ramos on the beach as just a “friend,” but we think it’s fairly safe to assume that he’s getting a piece! The couple were spotted chasing each other around on the beach while playing some good ol’ beach football!

We’ve posted Nathalia on a couple previous occasions, so make sure you check her category for more. Aside from that, here’s more from her Wiki:

Nathalia Ramos (born July 3, 1992) is a Spanish actress and singer. She is known for playing Yasmin in film Bratz: The Movie and Nina Martin on House of Anubis.

Ramos starred in the Nickelodeon television series House of Anubis as the main character, Nina Martin, who travels to England in order to attend a mysterious boarding school. She confirmed via twitter that she would not return to House of Anubis if it gets renewed for a third season due to school related issues [Source]

  • dinodan

    nice waist and figure

  • George the Canadian Bastard

    MCIT and I could take turns and we would still be done in four minutes.

  • skilligan

    very nice shape, excellent

  • My Cock Is Throbbing

    Well, you’d be on the hook for 3:52 of that four minutes, so good luck, George!


  • the kitten

    she has really nice arms.
    that dude looks like hes made out of plastic, hes kinda creepin me out

  • Leni

    Very nice small waist, but overall I don’t love her body. Proportions are all messed up, legs too short.

  • Kristin

    House of what? Nathalia who? Whatever… She’s yummy!

  • Kristin

    And I like how she is smashing her tit with the football.

  • Boz

    haha. I just love Kristin’s comment…

  • JackTorrance

    I like her waist, very nice, but I feel like her boobs look too low on her chest, she should have tied her bikini tighter around her neck so they would be more lifted.

  • JackTorrance

    You’re right, he does, and it is creepy. He looks like a Ken doll.

  • JPRichardson

    Amazing hourglass shaped body. Have not seen such a perfect waist-to-hip ratio in a long time.

  • Pretty In Purple

    I like her small frame.

  • karmathebitch

    beautiful body now that’s perfection!

  • dinodan

    I knew something looked off. That is why i could only compliment her on her figure/waist. Her legs are super short, and even though she has a small waist her mid section looks weird.