L.A.: Adoption Super Lotter Winner Louise Bardo Bullock Enjoying The High Life!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Let’s hope Sandra Bullock relocates back to her West Village pad in NYC b/c let’s face it, Louise will turn out 10x cooler growing up in the big city as opposed to the yuppy, Hollywood-fueled lifestyle out there in Los Angeles. Regardless of what happens, this little dude will undoubtedly grow up to become a total pimp.

As for the photos, these were snapped yesterday afternoon as Sandra Bullock was seen chasing after her hyperactive son after picking him up from school. It’s sad that kids in Louis’s old neighborhood back in New Orleans probably won’t set foot inside a school until they’re five, so this little dude is getting a real head start considering he’s only two! Cheers to money, fame & the Adoption Super Lottery!

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How pathetic. I imagine she couldn't find a white baby to adopt? but to appeal to certain people she had to..