NYC: Rihanna Continues Her “I Might Be Doing Cocaine” Catwalks

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

So, what’s up with Rihanna these days? Normally she’s lookin’ great from a fashion standpoint, but lately she’s looking more & more exhausted, almost as if she stayed up real late partying, drinking & snorting coke and as a result, doesn’t give a shit about her physical appearance the next morning when she’s out & about. These latest photos were taken yesterday as Rihanna was seen running errands in NYC. Let’s hope that everything is alright!

On the projects front, Rihanna will appear in the upcoming action flick “Battleship,” which hits theaters on May 18. She promoted the film extensively in Europe last month, so look for her at huge L.A. & NYC premieres leading up to the release. Aside from the big screen, Rihanna recently stated that she’s already working on her seventh album & even has a world tour in the works for 2013. Judging by these latest photos, let’s hope Rihanna doesn’t burnout anytime soon.

Here’s a press junket of Rihanna discussing her experience with “Battleship”: