Post-Pilates Catwalk: Miley Cyrus Fans Eating Disorder Rumors By Layering Up

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Some might call her health conscious, but since Miley’s long been a product of the ruthless media’s pump & dump campaign (currently in the “dump” stage), everyone’s having some fun with her thinning image. Let’s hope all this scrutiny isn’t going to Miley’s head b/c it’s only natural she’ll lose her baby-fat & work hard to maintain her weight while she’s transitioning from a child superstar to a more mature entertainer. The media will never be content b/c they always need something to bullshit about at the painful expense of highly compensated celebrities.

Since this is a very critical stage in Miley’s young career and as result, if she surrounds herself with the wrong people, she’ll probably end up drowning in a lifestyle fueled by drugs & alcohol. Sadly, that’s the most typical scenario in Hollywood & I hate to say it, but almost unavoidable. Most people go through a few shitty years when they’re young (usually after college) until after screwing up a few times, they finally decide what the fuck they want to do with their lives. Unfortunately for Miley, she’s a world-famous superstar who’s probably surrounded by money-grubbing leeches who simply want to maintain her fame & fortune so that the cash cow they’ve long nurtured keeps the cash flowing. It’s truly sad b/c I’m sure Miley’s a great girl, but the future looks riddled with pain & drama.

Aside from Miley’s depressing state of affairs, she’s still filthy rich & has a seemingly endless stash to blow, so don’t expect her to disappear anytime soon. These photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as she looked like a rock star leaving Windsor Pilates in West Hollywood.