Wow. Sarah Burge Won’t Be Winning Mom of the Year Anytime Soon

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Long story short, British mother Sarah Burge is apparently spending upwards of $30,000 to bring her eight-year-old beauty pageant star daughter, Poppy, to the U.S. in hopes to give shows like “Toddlers & Tiaras” a run for their money. The mother-daughter duo, who currently reside in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, England, want to attack the American pre-teen beauty pageant scene.

If the photos didn’t gross you out, then you’ll be interested in knowing that Poppy even gets liposuction & plastic surgery vouchers as gifts from her crazy mom so that she can use them for treatments when she’s older. All in all, the mother has splashed out thousands on clothes, hair and makeup and Poppy will even wear a special tooth cover to hide her two missing front teeth.

For those of you sick bastards who closely follow the pre-teen beauty pageant scene, lookout for Poppy to hit a series of under-twelve events in Atlanta later this month.

As sad as all this might sound, what will reality TV producers think of next?