“Spring Breakers” Young Starlets – Interview Mag (May 2012)

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Pictured: Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, Vanessa Hudgens

It’s been over month since we had that really good couple weeks run of the young starlet exploitation of hotties Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and yes, even Rachel Korine, as they filmed Spring Breakers wearing bikinis and/or daisy dukes each day. Yup, if you need a refresher, do hit up the Spring Breakers juicy category to get your fill. Even though you’ve already pretty much seen everything these ladies have to offer, soon to hit newstands is the May 2012 issue of Interview Magazine where the bunch of hotties are featured. Let the marketing campaign begin to lead up to the movie’s release next year. Granted, it’s not going to come anywhere near Avengers-type money, but we think the ladies have done a good enough job to rope in the horndogg community market share for next year’s releases. Anyway, way too much typing on our part, please proceed… and again, don’t forget to once again visit the juicy Spring Breakers category!!

  • audreym

    Looks stupid.
    Will be a big attraction for pedophiles.
    Only the two white girls look decent… the other two…Vanessa looks like a baby gorilla and Selena looks like a squished face rodent.

  • ObeyYourGod

    Now that Bieber appears to be Money Mayweather’s bitch perhaps Selena can find a real man to play with her spectacular bod.

  • dinodan

    Unfortunately the chick with the pink hair is probably going to ruin every scene.

  • Angus

    Sigh…I guess I am going to have to go see this movie even though it is going to be utter crap. To turn down an hour and a half of Selena and The Hudge in bikinis on the big screen would be downright criminal.

  • jimbo

    Pedophiles?? im pretty sure all the girls in this movie are legal age.

  • sevic86

    Selena! Cutest girl ever

  • audreym

    Oh yes depend on one’s own interpretation.
    playing upto the spoiled/little/lolita girl image appealing to some 50 year old pervs here doesn’t have pedophilic tendencies at all … right.

  • 1st_Class_Sgt

    This shit doesn’t get old.

  • veronica 2.0

    ur a retard. selena’s the prettiest one. squished faced rodent? i bet that’s what people said about you in high school

  • KaPOW

    ‘the two white girls’, good job on sounding racist there.

  • Agent666

    The technical term is ‘ephebophile.’

  • audreym

    Oh i’m sorry dear but do you have a flat as a pancake face that 99% of “natural” Asians do? You do look Asian although with your face hidden i can’t tell. Why cover your eyes dear? ashamed much? Would your eyes reveal your race?

  • audreym

    You know im right! Considering the other two “ethnic” girls are at least half white each.

  • Larry Sanders