Best Dressed: Beyonce & Rihanna Light Up Met Costume Gala 2012

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

As we said in the Camila Belle post, Beyonce & Rihanna were on my list of favorites at the Costume Institute Gala held earlier this evening (May 7) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Beyonce: I’m pretty sure her main intent with the outfit was to give the finger to everyone who thought she was gonna be 500lbs by now. I gotta admit, she pulled off quite an amazing recovery, but then again when there are millions on the line, very few women wouldn’t be motivated. Also, as a heads up for those of you deep-pocketed bastards in the area, Beyonce will be performing three shows during Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate the grand opening of the Revel Casino in Las Vegas.

Rihanna: I dig the leather dress, but what’s Rihanna doin’ showcasing the five-head the past few days? Is her hair stylist on vacation or what b/c at times she reminds me of the late Whitney Houston (on those painful days when she was smoking crack & not giving a shit about her hair & makeup).