Skanky Dress Award: Anja Rubik @ Met Costume Institute Gala 2012

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Anja Rubik definitely caught our attention when crowning our “Skanky Dress Award” considering the multitude of red carpet ladies we’ve complemeneted on being Best Dressed, for example Emma Stone and Rihanna & Beyonce. We’re definitely not hating on Anja for wearing a finger-friendly gown that could easily be removed in a snap… imagine someone who disappointed like Kate Upton or if Candice Swanepoel turned on the skankiness and decided to pull of this dress? We’d definitely be cheering them on. So in conclusion, Anja, we give you props for showing off that protruding hip bone of yours and winner of our Skanky Dress Award for the 2012 Met Costume Institute Gala.

  • The Devil

    *sarcasm voice*

    Ooooooh pelvic bones!

    Call me back when a grown woman’s wearing that dress.

  • Philr Crackin

    How did she keep her Pubes from poking out – OK She shaves it, but how did we not see stubble

  • dinodan

    she waxed it

  • LaLa

    Hot betch. I think she looks slamming.

  • Boz

    I’m sure y’ll still remember this

  • My Cock Is Throbbing

    lol Angelina was so ridiculous this past Oscar night. She knew that pose would make headlines and she milked it the whole ceremony.

  • yosamex

    not one wardrobe malfunction here!? seriously? SERIOUSLY? come on…… there should be at least two, AT LEAST!

  • JackTorrance

    Well I guess all that airflow kept her bits nice and fresh throughout the evening XD