LONDON: BREAKING!! Kanye West Spotted in Shorts! Kim Workin’ The Booty!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

It’s not every day you see Kanye West running around in sweats & shorts, so it’s possible he’s drowning in so much temporary love these days that he no longer gives a shit about what he looks like in public. Normally we see him in black denim, white tee and dark shades.

Who knew Kim Kardashian could have that kind of effect on dudes!?! Whatever the case, the dude was seen arriving with Kim at BBC Radio One studios in London earlier this morning to do an interview. While Kim looked like a million bucks, Kanye on the other hand, looked like he spent the entire night drowning in Bastardly Tantric Sex. Even though he probably has 18 new STDs to add to the ones he already had, who can blame the guy for staying up all night, right?