Cannes Film Festival: Kelly Brook Did A Phone Booth Swimsuit Shoot

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

These were snapped earlier today (May 22) as Kelly Brook did a shoot inside a phone booth while wearing a a sexy one-piece swimsuit.

As most of you guys know by now, some (looney) French sugar daddy offered Kelly Brook a $1 million check as she did a photo shoot at the Majestic Barriere hotel in Cannes. He was so persistent with his offer that Kelly had to ultimately call on a bodyguard to kick the dude out of the hotel. Now, assuming this guy is actually loaded, why couldn’t he just call up an escort service & order up a çEastern European hottie who’s probably 100x hotter than Kelly Brook?! Then again, maybe he’s some fanatically obsessed fan who watched Kelly’s scene in “Piranha 3D” one too many times or he’s just crazy. We’re gonna have to go with the latter.

Here’s Kelly on the red carpet at the “Killing Them Softly” premiere held earlier in the evening at Cannes (Tues., May 22).
Photo Credit: WENN

UPDATE: More from the swimsuit shoot:
Photo Credit: Splash News Online