American Idol” Finale: Wow, What Was Fantasia Wearing During Her Duet?

Photo Credit: American Idol

Time for our ghetto exclusives again! This is right up there with Christina Aguilera’s studded diaper, but sadly we haven’t been able to think of a name for the outfit that Fantasia wore for her duet with Joshua Ledet (the real winner).

It looks like a padded catsuit w/ slits on the thighs. If you guys think this looks kinda weird, let’s just be happy that she didn’t go with the popular leotard option.

Here’s a clip of the performance:

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The Devil
The Devil

You see!!!

I try to defend my sisters all the DAMN time, and she do this to me?


Where are the people who love her to tell her that she can't be goin' out the house lookin' like that?

Bolt Uprite
Bolt Uprite

I thought Los Angeles banned plastic bags.