“MIB III” Topples “The Avengers” at the Box Office: FINALLY!

Well, it finally happened. And it only took Will Smith returning to the box office after a four year hiatus, a comic book alien villain, and a %200 million budget (give or take) to make it happen: The Avengers has been toppled from its pedestal at the domestic American box office! Dun dun dun!!!

Taking in a better than expected $55 million, the third installment of Men In Black topped not only the American box office, but the marquee lines in over 100 countries across the globe, proving that what Hollywood makes, the world shall watch. Its three-day international gross comes to over $200 million. Not bad, considering it’s not even Memorial Day yet. Expect more of the same throughout the rest of the month, especially since the next BIG summer blockbuster isn’t expected until Pixar’s Brave releases June 22.

The Avengers is still shattering records, becoming the fastest grossing film to cross the $500 million mark in box office history. It managed this cool feat in 23 days, breaking the previous 32-day record set by Avatar in 2009.

The top five films this weekend were as follows:

1. Men In Black III – $55 million
2. The Avengers – $37 million
3. Battleship – $10.7 million
4. The Dictator – $9.6 million
5. Chernobyl Diaries – $8 million


I thought MIB was very average. If not for the actors' charisma, this might end up being one of those Saturday SyFy movies. They could have let Flight of the Conchords Jemaine do a bit more as the bad guy.

Not to worry Avengers rooters, I think they will be back above MIB next week.