Justin Bieber Cruises With Selena Gomez In His Custom Mercedes-Benz Van!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Looks like people in Justin’s inner circle are once again letting him spend his hard-earned cash on shit he doesn’t need. Or maybe this is a loaner by some local body shop hoping to pimp its work to the masses?! When it comes to Justin Bieber, who the hell really knows what’s his & what’s a sponsored plug?! I guess we’ll have to wait to get the real answers in a (depressing) tell-all documentary a few years from now when he’s older, probably broke, addicted to drugs & alcohol & definitely not as famous.

Anyway, these latest pics were snapped yesterday in Los Angeles as Justin & girlfriend Selena Gomez returned to his customized Mercedes-Benz van. It kinda looks like Beyonce’s million-dollar mommy van, but probably not as pimped-out. As always, Justin looked like he spent about three hours longer in the bathroom getting ready than Selena, who was wearing a simple summer dress & shades. Justin, on the other hand, had on matching hat & kicks (probably $2-300 each), freaky-looking dollar bill embroidered shorts worn over black leggings & a James Dean t-shirt. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention the striped purple socks. Let’s just hope he’s getting paid good money to wear all that shit.
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

For the record, here are Justin’s other rides: