Justin Bieber Cruises With Selena Gomez In His Custom Mercedes-Benz Van!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Looks like people in Justin’s inner circle are once again letting him spend his hard-earned cash on shit he doesn’t need. Or maybe this is a loaner by some local body shop hoping to pimp its work to the masses?! When it comes to Justin Bieber, who the hell really knows what’s his & what’s a sponsored plug?! I guess we’ll have to wait to get the real answers in a (depressing) tell-all documentary a few years from now when he’s older, probably broke, addicted to drugs & alcohol & definitely not as famous.

Anyway, these latest pics were snapped yesterday in Los Angeles as Justin & girlfriend Selena Gomez returned to his customized Mercedes-Benz van. It kinda looks like Beyonce’s million-dollar mommy van, but probably not as pimped-out. As always, Justin looked like he spent about three hours longer in the bathroom getting ready than Selena, who was wearing a simple summer dress & shades. Justin, on the other hand, had on matching hat & kicks (probably $2-300 each), freaky-looking dollar bill embroidered shorts worn over black leggings & a James Dean t-shirt. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention the striped purple socks. Let’s just hope he’s getting paid good money to wear all that shit.
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

For the record, here are Justin’s other rides:

  • dims

    Meh. Don’t get the big deal with her. She is kind of cute sometimes, but not pretty or beautiful. I see way prettier girls with hotter bodies in LA. Don’t know what makes her so special. I do love her personality though. Seems like a nice girl. Personality goes a long way. If only Alba had that.

  • mooty

    I can speak from experience that vans are good for your sex life, I used to have one to carry my bikes around plus with dark tinted windows so no one could see them.. so it was a anywhere anytime kinda deal haha

    but on Beiber he just always seems like he’s trying way too hard and never comfortable.. probably because he’s not comfortable cause he’s trying too hard

  • mud hen

    Jebus, this kid dresses like a mentally ill person (with a lot of money). What goes through his head when he gets dressed? “I think today I’ll wear a matching Barney purple hat and shoes and don’t forget the purple toed multi-colored striped socks.” “I’ll also were leggings (wtf?, what guy wears leggings?) with dollar embroided pants that hang off my butt cuz I don’t know how to pull my pants up.”

  • mud hen

    Oh yeah, I can’t forget the James Dean t-shirt. All the manliest of men wear Jmaes Dean shirts. I’m sure all the WWII vets would do the same in their youth if they could. Or more likely punch this fucker in the face.

  • mud hen

    One more for the road. What is with these teen twit pop stars? Do girls or women actually like this stuff? It seems like younger girls while immature at least look good and more often dress better while the guys go full metrosexual doofus, or plain gay look with stupid and/or mentally ill on the side.