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Is “Ted” On Track For the Biggest R-Rated Comedy Opening Ever?

Ted could earn as much as $20 million on Friday for a weekend opening of $47 million to $50 million — one of the top debuts of all time for an R-rated comedy and eclipsing the $45 million earned by The Hangover in 2009.[The Hollywood Reporter]

Here’s something that’s about as surprising as Katie Holmes filing for divorce from Tim Cruise: an R-rated comedy that’s about to bust the box office. Having taken in a well-above expectations $20 million on Friday alone, Ted is now on track to make as much (if not more) than the record-breaking open set by The Hangover back in 2009.

Other big releases are also doing well at the box office, including Magic Mike and Madea’s Witness Protection. People Like Us is the only real new family drama/comedy out at the marquee, but it doesn’t seem to be poised to open strongly, especially with so many adults opting for repeat viewings of last week’s champ from Disney-Pixar, Brave.

Madea’s Witness Protection: Film Review

It’s always hard to review a movie like Madea’s Witness Protection because it wasn’t made to please critics, nor was it made to be (for lack of a better word) good. It’s meant to cash in on what is now a standard-bearing and groan-inducing cash cow encased in the form of a 40-something year old black man playing a version of the no-nonsense elderly black women he claims to populate his life. How true or false that may actually be will be something I leave for others to settle. I just watch the movies – and only because I have no choice some times.

Here’s the basic premise: Eugene Levy’s family finds themselves involved involuntarily in a ponzi scheme that results in the loss of millions from a mob boss. He wants the family dead. So a plan is hatched by the authorities to hide them . . . in Madea’s house. Hilarious, right?! Oh, them wacky grannies sho’ know how to crack ’em!

The humor is derived from the fact that Madea does not suffer fools gladly, and fools she gets plenty in the spoiled white children that show up to not be killed. I’m not entirely sure the kids didn’t think they’d be better off if they were left at the hands of the mobsters. Of course, the mobsters get wind of the family’s whereabouts and the inevitable confrontation with Madea takes place.

Someone told me that this is the seventh movie starring Madea. Usually movies that make that many sequels end up in the dustbin of movie history or on the discount VHS aisle at Blockbuster (see Police Academy, The Land Before Time). Will there be an eighth Madea? If Tyler Perry’s girdle has anything to say about it, surely there will be.

Candice Swanepoel: Hottest “Casual Walk Thru LAX” Pics…EVER! OW!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

These latest photos are part of our long-running series chronicling beautiful women from around the globe performing extremely monotonous tasks. The Victoria’s Secret model was spotted touching down in LAX & then catwalking through the airport wearing a summery floral print skirt & white top. All covered up, yet still beautiful! OW!

This is Candice Swanepoel’s second appearance in the category, with the first set capturing a beautiful few seconds in a NYC as Candice was seen walking past a photographer in a freaky looking jacket. See those photos here.

TomKat Divorce Settlement & Was Katie Turned Off By Tom’s End Of The World Bunker Idea?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Pictured: Katie Holmes; Tom’s was allegedly planning to build a $10 million bunker underneath his Telluride home in preparation for the end of the world. He owns roughly 110-hectacre mountaintop estate in the town.

Wow, what a fucking doozy. I take a long lunch & all hell breaks loose. As you bastards have heard by now, Katie Holmes is rumored to have filed for divorce from husband Tom Cruise yesterday in Manhattan. According to various sources, Katie is citing “irreconcilable differences” and feels confident enough to request sole custody of the couple’s 6-year-old daughter Suri (highly doubtful she’ll succeed). And, oh yeah, Katie’s also seeking some child support & by that, we’re talkin’ at least around $50K/month.

I’m sure the world is overflowing with curiosity and wondering what was the one crazy thing about Tom Cruise that finally broke the camel’s back & forced Katie to jump the Cruise ship? Let’s not forget they’ve been married for a while, so did Katie Holmes just wake up from a coma or what?

Regardless of what happens in what appears to be a very public & dirty divorce, Suri is gonna be the one who will ultimately suffer. At least she’ll have a ton of money to pay for all that therapy she’ll need in the coming years.
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Pictured: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes paid about $35 million for a Beverly Hills mansion soon after tying the knot. Split: 50/50

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Pictured: The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International on Franklin avenue in Hollywood. I’m sure the Church already has a hit out on Katie.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
New Owner: While her parents fight over her, Suri will be in the company of nannies & therapists.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Pictured: Tom & Katie’s pad in Colorado (another angle)

LINKS: Miranda Kerr’s Photo Shoot For Italian Vogue w/ The Links!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Pictured: Miranda Kerr was seen in a blonde wig and a sparkling wardrobe for an Italian Vogue shoot in NYC. The Victoria’s Secret SuperMommy rocked skin tight, neon blue leather pants and shiny silver high heels as she cat-walked around the West Village.

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Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

VS Mommy Matchup: Alessandra Ambrosio in L.A. vs Miranda Kerr in NYC

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Alessandra Ambrosio had her hands full earlier today as she picked up Anja from school in Santa Monica while carrying her newborn son Noah. Ale obviously recovered pretty quick considering she just gave birth on May 7.

Fellow Victoria’s Secret co-hottie Miranda Kerr has been running around in NYC lately. Previously we saw her going on walks with her baby son Flynn, but today the hard-working supermodel was spotted in summer-getup as she headed to a her trailer to get ready for a shoot for Italian Vogue. You can see Miranda workin’ her photo shoot mojo here. from the shoot here.
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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L.A.: Miley Cyrus Hits In-N-Out Burger In Her Mercedes-Benz SL550

Photo Credit: INF Photo

The photo of Miley walking with her friend were snapped Thursday afternoon (June 28) as she hit a recording studio in Burbank. It appears she’s still working on her music when not driving the local papz nuts as she runs around in one of her countless “barely-there” short-shorts.

The ones at the the gas station were also taken yesterday in Los Angeles as Miley first gassed-up her car before hitting up a nearby In-N-Out drive-thru and claiming she had no money. Either she didn’t want to use her credit card or just wanted to fuck around and see if she could get some free food. Whatever she said worked b/c the dude at the window let her off fairly easily with her order.
Photo Credit: INF Photo

As for the pics below, they were snapped earlier in the week and we just forgot to post them with one of our earlier sets…
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

L.A.: Beautiful & Pasty Emma Stone @ ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Premiere

Photo Credit: WENN

Following weeks of traveling around the globe promoting their latest blockbuster, Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield finally walked down the red carpet at “The Amazing Spider-Man” Los Angeles premiere held at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood. Now it’s just a waiting game until the film releases nationwide on July 3 to see whether this will be Hollywood’s next billion dollar blockbuster. I’m pretty sure deep-pocketed producers are shitting in their pants right now.

For a full review of all previous premieres, check here.

Now for the usual flood of information about the film including plot, interviews, & trailer:

Teenage social outcast Peter Parker spends his days trying to unravel the mystery of his own past and winning the heart of his high school crush, Gwen Stacy. Peter discovers a mysterious briefcase belonging to his father, who abandoned him when he was a child, which leads him to his father’s former partner, Dr. Curtis Connors. The discovery of his father’s secret will ultimately shape his destiny of becoming “Spider-Man” and brings him face to face with Connors, who becomes the vicious and vengeful Lizard. [Source]


Interview w/ Emma Stone:

[More red carpet photos coming up…]

NYC: Stacy Keibler Catwalks Thru SoHo Leaving Armani Exchange

Photo Credit: WENN

Stacy Keibler was spotted showing off those killer legs as she exited the Armani Exchange store in SoHo while on another of her likely-funded George Clooney all-expenses paid shopping trips. Seriously, what has Stacy done in the past year besides her status as arm candy for Mr. Clooney? She’s still living off her fame from the WWE/WCW and ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and that was over 5 years ago. Way to go Stacy in keeping your bank account stable while continuing to stay somewhat relevant in the public’s eye while doing absolutely nothing of note. Keep that Playboy trump card and sextape in the vault for now as long as George continues paying your way to the high-life.

NYC: Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Ireland Grabbed Breakfast @ The Grey Dog

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

As we mentioned in our previous post, Ireland Baldwin might look like she’s 21/22, but she’s only 16. The daughter of Alec Baldwin’s first marriage with Kim Basinger definitely looks like she has acting in her future, assuming that’s what she wants to do. Ireland was out & about with one of her skater high school buddies grabbing some breakfast at The Grey Dog in the city.

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