LONDON: Charlize Theron & Salma Hayek @ “Prometheus” Premiere

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As you guys know, Charlize Theron’s first summer blockbuster “Snow White & The Huntsman” hits theaters tomorrow, but the hardworking actress has already kicked off the promotional tour ahead of next Friday’s (June 8) big release of her second blockbuster “Prometheus“. Each time I see the film’s trailer at the theater I get goosebumps, so that has to mean good things, right?

With an all-star cast that includes Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green and Charlize Theron, how can you possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, did we mention that the film’s producer & director is Ridley Scott?

Check the plot & trailer directly below:

During the Cambrian period, the spacecraft of an advanced humanoid alien race arrives on Earth. One of the aliens from the spacecraft is left behind and sacrifices itself, initiating evolution on earth.

In the late 21st century, a star map is discovered by archeologists Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) among the remnants of several otherwise unconnected cultures. On the back of this discovery, the Weyland Corporation funds a scientific expedition to follow the star map aboard the Prometheus. The crew of the ship is kept in hypersleep while an android named David (Michael Fassbender) monitors the voyage. Once awakened, the crew of the ship are informed by Shaw and Holloway of the mission to explore the world of the ancient aliens, called “Engineers” by Shaw. They are overseen by mission director Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron), who orders them to avoid any direct contact and return if the aliens are found. Vickers and Captain Janek (Idris Elba) monitor the expedition from the Prometheus bridge as those on the planet surface discover a temple and explore its interior. There they find several ampule-like artifacts, a giant monolith shaped like a human head and the corpse of a giant alien that is presumed to be one of the Engineers.

Faced with a gathering storm, the expedition is cut short and the crew is forced to return to Prometheus. Botanist Milburn (Rafe Spall) and geologist Fifield (Sean Harris) are separated from the crew, and are stranded in the temple, while David takes one of the ampule-like artifacts and hides it in a bag without the others noticing. Shaw and crew medic Ford (Kate Dickie) analyze the Engineer’s head, inserting a device designed to reanimate and obtain ocular image data from it. Meanwhile, David investigates the stolen ampule, discovering transparent capsules containing a dark-colored slime-like substance. He infects Holloway with it under the orders of Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce). The infected Holloway and Shaw sleep together. [Read more]

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Pictured: Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron and Logan Marshall-Green

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Pictured: Salma Hayek & Peaches Geldof

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Pictured: Hugo Taylor and Natalie Joel, Jessica Findlay-Brown & Salma Hayek