Darren Criss (of “Glee” Fame) Croons For Obama

One singer’s loss . . . is a President’s gain?

Pop megastar Pink was scheduled to sing at an Obama fundraiser on June 6 being hosted by a LGBT group in Los Angeles, but it turns out the singer won’t be able to get this party started. Pink has been hospitalized with the stomach flu and will not be in any condition to be crooning any of Obama’s favorite hits.

Organizers of the event have thus turned to Darren Criss (who you’ll know as Blaine from Glee) who will surely take the show in a decidedly more showtune-y direction. Not sure if the President will bite, but his LGBT supporters couldn’t ask for more, especially since the President goes straight from the event to the home of Glee creator Ryan Murphy. Tickets to the sold out event were sold for $40,000 a piece.

Ain’t democracy grand?

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Bolt Uprite
Bolt Uprite

Apparently all this president has time for is to party with obscure show people.