Prometheus: Film Review

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Another great movie starring Michael Fassbender? Another definitive portrayal from Charlize Theron? Another thought-provoking epic from Ridley Scott?

Yes, yes, and yes again! For anyone who thinks that the summer movie season is chock full of too much tripe and fluff meant to addle the brains of teenage mall denizens overdosing on frappuccinos, here’s a reminder that a standard Hollywood action epic can, in fact, be every bit as great as those pretentious biopics that litter the marquee every Fall.

Ridley Scott’s film is a triumph for many reasons, but none more so than the fact that it dares to go where very few of us ever dare to tread: into the dim origins of humanity. The film asks the question “Where do we come from?” without making any specific overtures as to answering that nearly impossible-to-fathom query. Except for the biblically enthusiastic among us, few would dare to presume to know exactly where humanity (and all that it has wrought) has emerged from, but Scott’s pensive and daring film takes the intergalactic adventure story straight into the heart of where our existence began.

The movie begins like many science fiction movies do: with a strange sequence set in the past in an unknown place with undecipherable beings doing vague things. Flash forward to 2093 and a trillion-dollar spaceship called Prometheus is traveling to a tiny planet in the cosmos where human life may have originated. Why and how humanity made its way to Earth forms the crux of the mystery at the heart of the movie.

The movie also stands out for some remarkable performances, including (expectedly) Charlize Theron as the embodiment of corporate interests and Michael Fassbender as a superhuman android whose abilities are truly limitless. In the end, however, the film is most fascinating for the questions it posits, and the possibilities it entertains but wisely refuses to single out.

A must see.