Thunder close out Spurs to secure their spot in the NBA Finals

Simply put, the Oklahoma City Thunder grew right in front our eyes throughout the 2012 NBA Playoffs. This young team, led by Kevin Durant (34pts, 14reb, 5ast), took the next step last night defeating the Spurs 107-99 and securing their spot in the NBA Finals. They didn’t let a scorching hot start from San Antonio phase them. The Thunder made adjustments on both sides of the court to have a huge third quarter and eventually make the plays necessary in the 4th to secure their spot on the big stage. Sure there was some controversial officiating in favor of the Thunder but last night’s game just felt like inevitably the Thunder were going to win the game. San Antonio looked like they were back to their unbeatable form in the first half, racking up an 18-point lead but their terrible 3rd quarter saw that lead fizzle away and eventually they were never able to catch up in the 4th. It was fitting that this younger Thunder team took the next step in the manner that they did. During this post season they beat the Mavericks, Lakers and the Spurs AKA the three teams that had single western conference title since ’99. So as the young guns from OKC bask in the moment, they can watch with the rest of us as the east is decided.

Here’s the deciding play followed by a touching moment with the Durant family. Yes, I’m a sucker for mother-son moments like these:

Tonight’s game
Game 6: Miami Heat and Boston Celtics
8:30ET (BOS leads 3-2)
Attention now heads out east as the Celtics look to close this series out at home. How will the Heat respond with their backs against the wall? Can Chris Bosh have a bigger impact on this game? Questions will only mount if this team can’t extend this series to the max. Can the Celtics continue their momentum to send Miami home? You know the Boston crowd will be ready to step up to support their team and try to rattle the Heat. Personally I’m leaning Celtics here but I also think this game will be close and intense. Must watch.

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The Devil
The Devil

You see Kevin Durant, Lebron?

That's how a REAL superstar plays in the clutch


I hope the Celts send the Heat packing.

No more scumbag James.

Super Secret
Super Secret

How the fuck do the spurs blow a 2-0 lead and a 20 point lead in a elimination game?