Brace Yourself: Conan Reconnects With His Irish Roots In Chicago

I was lucky enough to get to attend the taping of Conan’s first show in Chicago last night at the Chicago Theatre and I’m happy to report that no amount of backstage maneuvering by Jay Leno (hiss and spit!) can dampen the hilarity and joyous self-deprecation of Team Coco.

The show ran like an ultra well-oiled machine and the taping was over before I would have liked, but it was (and here’s what counts) F-U-N-N-Y. 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer was the headliner last night and Conan even debuted a giant bobblehead of himself (see pic), but my favorite part of the show was Conan taking Irish step dancing lessons. I think you’ll agree after watching his footwork that Coco is better suited to writing punchlines than to flailing his limbs in a jig.

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