The Bastardly Girls of the EURO Cup 2012! OW!!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online; WENN

For all you old-timers, you’ll know that one of our most popular posts was way back in ’06 during the FIFA World Cup, so it’s in that spirit that we’re coming at you guys with this latest set of photos of chicks from the UEFA EURO CUP 2012 going down right now in Poland & Ukraine.

While it’s more than obvious that the hotness level won’t be up to par when you compare this latest set the World Cup set, but that’s mainly because of the Brazilians & Argentinean (by the way, anyone catch that Messi goal over the weekend?).

And oh yeah, for those of you looking for the latest scores & news on all the hate crimes, hit the EURO 2012 official website!
Photo Credit: WENN

  • iambastard

    4.2 looks like the predator. The Ukrainian in blue is extra hot.

  • Mundo

    After looking at all these pics, I’m speechless.

  • Eric

    Page 9 top pic. Wow, those eyes…

  • Noah

    ok, let me go ahead and straighten it for everyone so you don’t have to flip through all the pictures, the hottest being listed first:

    1. Page 5, smoking hot red-shirt babe with close up of natural tatas.

    2. Page 6, gorgeous thin-framed Ukranian girl with devastating rack.

    3. Proving that the Germans are the master race, the sandy blonde who is going to have major, major back problems, no doubt requiring surgery.

    4. The cute Italian/French girl on page 2 is the girl next door who stars in the epic “Natalia at the Lake”… the best European flick ever to hit video stores.

    there ya have it!

  • joey

    She reminds me more of Fran from Dodgeball.



  • joey

    Hmmm, the German women look tasty.

  • George the Canadian Bastard

    Well done.

  • dinodan

    Easy win for page 6 blue shirt gitl

  • Caitie Harmful


    No Ireland? I know we got our asses handed to us…but…still…