BREAKING!! Jennifer Lawrence Hits U.S. Bank ATM in Santa Monica!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
A very stylish Jennifer Lawrence was seen hitting the ATM & a nail salon in Santa Monica. I know she’s still very young, but I can’t believe she’s rolling around in a Volkswagen! Looks like somebody’s being a little too careful w/ her “Hunger Games” stash! Good for her!

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she's not super pretty, she is very pleasant to look at


ha... salesman.


i'm totally hazing you bro! the touareg is actually a really nice vehicle, but the rest of the VW line is ... well... common. Jenn should definitely be in something more like an Audi R8 Spyder or at least an Audi TT Roadster. i'm realizing maybe my retirement career should be as a Hollywood car saleswman.


She is not the prettiest girl out there, but she is pretty. There is just something else about her though. She is very sexy.


my bad, man. I'll be honest, I didn't know all that stuff you pointed out.

VWs are cool, but it's just nothing something you see Hollywood stars cruising around in, that's all...


She is pretty now but by the time she is thirty she will likely be either doughy or too skinny (due to a tendency to be doughy naturally and the Hollywood over compensation for it.)


As a VW Touareg (which as we all know, is equivalent to the Porsche Cayenne: driver, I am quite offended at your prejudice agains the brand. You will note that the lovely miss is driving an EOS, the hard-top convertible. It's not some crappy Jetta.