Oliver Stone Admits “I Was Crazy for Many Years”

The latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter has some very juicy insights from famed director Oliver Stone whose upcoming film Savages is getting the expected hype and pre-release acclaim. Stone, who has suffered from depression for decades, candidly admits that he was “crazy” for many years. Other juicy tidbits from the interview include the following:

On Charlie Sheen: “He’s one of the richest actors in the world. He wanted money. He loved money. Maybe he was more like the Wall Street boy than we knew.”

On Anti-Depressants: “I’m not a Prozac person anymore; I’ve already taken too much of that. I feel you have to confront it on a spiritual basis.”

On Drugs: “I believe the grass is God’s gift. California makes the best in the world now.”

Read the official interview here!


about time he admitted it, now stupid people can stop following what he says like he knows something we don't