Heat take the series lead 2-1 after defending home court

Last night’s game 3 of the NBA Finals had a different feel than the two previous. It was more of defensive struggle, particularly in the 3rd quarter where the Heat eventually turned the game around. Miami used a strong second half to take the 91-85 victory over Oklahoma City and the series lead 2-1. The weird thing about last night’s game was that the Thunder played the better game overall but it was costly errors and turnovers that led to their demise. This was the first game this series were Miami didn’t have a fast start over OKC. The Thunder actually played very well but as they were nearing a double-digit lead halfway through the 3rd quarter is exactly when things went downhill for them. Durant got into foul trouble, throwing off the Thunder’s offense completely and the Thunder defense made mistakes on defense (fouling the Heat’s 3-point shooters) among other things.

Miami fully took advantage of the Thunder’s 3rd quarter, going to the basket, playing great defense and making the plays necessary to fight back into the game. The Heat’s strong suit this game was in the paint, they attacked OKC very effectively on drives to the basket. Eventually after the Heat took the lead in the 4th, they never looked back. The Thunder got into striking distance late in the game but once again errors kept them from taking the lead or at least tying the game. The Heat won’t admit this but they can breathe a sigh a relief knowing that they have the next two at home and can go .500 from here on out. The Thunder on the other hand must strike back next game in a big way. How do they attain that? Free throws need to improve all around and if Harden can have a game 1 performance they’ll be fine. Other than that it’s going to take a high 30s game from Durant. That doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Westbrook going Rondo on us:

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series is going 6 or 7 games just like I thought, I was surprised the Thunder got held to under 90, Game 4 is a must win for them