Kate Middleton Continues “Royal Work”: Celebrates Queen’s 213th Birthday!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

These were snapped on Saturday as the Royal Family made a glamorous arrival at Buckingham Palace to attend the annual ‘Trooping The Colour Ceremony’ (whatever the fuck that means) in honor of the Queen’s official birthday.

What the fuck are all these events? For a country that has a 2.65 million people unemployed & an unemployment rate of 8-9%, you’d think they’d keep these celebrations on the down-low, but hey, the monarchy has done well in indoctrinating its subjects into believing that it’s perfectly alright for a select group of people to live out their wildest fantasies while everyone else suffers to make ends meet.

If I sound a little more bitter than usual, it’s probably because it’s Monday, so apologies in advance…

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I'm definitely curious about Kate Middleton. I wonder what she's like in bed. I'd fuck her and Pippa in that carriage.