Olivia Wilde Promotes New Film “People Like Us” On Letterman

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

The beautiful Olivia Wilde dished-out funny vacation stories to Dave during the interview on last night’s episode. All I gotta say is, DAMNNNN YOUUUUUU, JASON SUDEKIS!! Judging by crazy stories, that guy seriously struck gold with Olivia! Here’s a clip from the interview:

The “Tron: Legacy” star was on the late night show promoting her latest film “People Like Us,” which stars Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mark Duplass and Jon Favreau. We’d also like to note that writer & producer Alex Kurtzman makes his directorial debut. The dude is credited as co-writer on big-dogg films like “Mission: Impossible III,” “Transformers,” “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” and even the untitled sequel to “The Amazing Spider-Man” film which hits theaters July 4th weekend.

Look for “People Like Us” in theaters on June 29. Here’s some plot juice, as well as the trailer:

It tells the story of a struggling man (Chris Pine) who, after flying home to L.A. for the funeral of his estranged record-producer father, discovers that the will stipulates that he must deliver $150,000 in cash to a 30-year-old alcoholic sister (Elizabeth Banks) he never knew existed, and her troubled 12-year-old son. [Source]


Interview with Olivia about film (press junket):