Andrew Garfiled Wants Another “Amazing Spider-Man” – And He Wants to Star In It Too

They already have a release date for the second one. But no script! So we have our priorities in order.”[The Hollywood Reporter]

The Amazing Spider-Man doesn’t hit theaters nationwide until next Tuesday July 3, but Sony has apparently already gone ahead and begun development on the sequel. It’s no secret that star Andrew Garfield wants to star in the sequel as the Webby Crusader, though there is no script just yet.

Garfield confessed, “If we do one, I hope I can do it — I hope they’d let me do it. I hope so.”

We’d venture to say that even without a script in hand just yet, a second Amazing Spider-Man is almost surely a foregone conclusion, especially with the movie on track for a $125 million opening weekend haul.

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