“Savages” Premiere: Sandra Echeverria Was A Red Carpet Standount

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News; WENN

We wanted to get these up yesterday, but with following our earlier barrage of posts from the “Savages” premiere on Monday night in Los Angeles, we figured we’d spread the hotness over a couple days.

With that in hand, say hello to 27-year-old, Mexican-flavored Sandra Echeverría. From a relationships standpoint, she was dating Demian Bichir (48) for a couple years until last year when she fell in love with Mexican singer-songwriter Leonardo de Lozanne, who’s slightly younger, but still in his 40s. Damn, what is it with Latin men liking older men?!

Anyway, Sandra has a small role in Oliver Stone’s latest film “Savages,” which also stars Blake Lively, Salma Hayek & Benicio del Toro. Here’s more about Sandra:

Sandra Echeverría Gamboa (commonly referred to as Sandra Echeverría) is a Mexican actress and singer.[1] Sandra Echeverria was born on December 11, 1984 in Mexico, DF to Mexican parents. They divorced when Sandra was only 11. She has 1 older sister of the same parents named Mariana born in 1983. [Source]

As for her new film “Savages,” check the trailer below:

Here are a few photos of Sandra from the past:
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News; WENN
White dress: Premiere of ‘Free Style’ in NYC back in 2009; Silver dress: 2011 Latin Grammy’s at Mandalay Bay Resort