Reasons Why ALF Made TED Possible

Ted is a heavy drinker and drug user. In the first season of ALF, creator Paul Fusco had the alien sling back beers and burp on the regular.”[The Hollywood Reporter]

If Hollywood has its way, there is about to be a slew of “man-child ‘n his furry companion” movies being greenlit in an effort to cash in on the mega success of this week’s top movie, Ted. But the story of a wisecracking small furry being that both torments and tutors the humans in his life is old hat – remember ALF?

Check out the link above for a fun read on how ALF made Ted possible. Like they always say, everything old is new again, especially if it was in the 80s and Seth MacFarlane has anything to say about it.

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Bolt Uprite
Bolt Uprite

Speaking of furry companions I think I remember a porno with a talking pussy. Probably Seth's inspiration.