The Pact: Film Review

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Maybe it’s just me, but there seem to be an odd number of horror, horror-adjacent, and slasher movies out during the 2012 summer movie season. Usually Hollywood waits for the middle of September and the build up through Halloween before they start dumping movies about haunted houses, vampires, and ghostly beings upon eager moviegoers. But this year we’ve already had Dark Shadows and Savages and now The Pact. I suppose it’s something of a consolation that at least the industry is trying to give us something besides superhero flicks and animated sequels.

The Pact is actually a very watchable movie. There are long periods of the movie when everything seems to settle and cool off and then suddenly – BOOM! – terror strikes and you’re thrown from your seat. If you like suspense, you’ll love this movie.

The story recounts the saga of two sisters Nicole and Annie whose mother has recently passed away. They return to a cabin their family used to stay in on holiday and they sense that something (or someone) is in the house. Soon, things that shouldn’t be happening do happen: objects move, people disappear (or reappear), and lights go in and out constantly. It isn’t long before Annie begins to have nightmares that lead them to believe that something sinister is inside the house – and that only their dead mother can help them now.

There are many reasons to want to root for this movie: it is a low-budget thriller that delivers big thrills and chills that we haven’t seen in a mainstream Hollywood movie since Cabin in the Woods – and that was more a psychological thriller than out-and-out horror film. Most of all, you’ll delight in how the movie is so much scarier precisely because it doesn’t resort to the gore and slash tactics of Hollywood. Be forewarned, however: you will be screaming.

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