Why The Box Office Is Worrying Hollywood in 2012

“There is no safety net left; the middle ground is gone. If you make a movie people don’t want to see, there’s no historical precedent that can save you from a terrible fate. You wake up one day and even Burton, Depp and Sandler aren’t invincible.”[THR]

Let’s take a mid-year tally, just to make sense of the fretting Hollywood is doing at the way the box office is going this year. But wait, you say, isn’t this the year of above average runs and record breakers like The Avengers? Well, sort of. A quick run through of the biggest blockbusters, modest hits, and colossal flops shows what is going on in Hollywood:

Blockbuster/Super Hit
The Avengers
The Hunger Games
Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax
Madagascar 3
The Amazing Spider-Man

Profitable/Modest Hit
21 Jump Street
Snow White and the Huntsman
Magic Mike

John Carter
Dark Shadows
Rock of Ages
That’s My Boy
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer
The Dictator

Long story short, Hollywood is worried that 3D ticket sales are down considerably for movies even like Spider-Man and Brave while old stalwarts like Tim Burton, Adam Sandler, and Sacha Baron Cohen saw their movies come and go. And if a musical starring Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, and Catherine Zeta Jones can’t even open in the top three, then there’s reason aplenty to worry. We’ll have to see what the rest of the year brings as the summer movie season winds down in the next month and a half.

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I agree with my fellow Bastards that they are spending too much on each movie...putting too many eggs in one basket. The industry used to put out a lot more product and if the movie stunk, no big deal, the studio could swallow it and move on. Now there is so much riding on each movie that everyone involved is leveraged to the hilt. They won't make a movie unless a big name is attached to it and once the star or stars have signed on, there goes most of the budget for the film. This, in part, explains all the sequels and careful choices Hollywood has been making. Nothing really new or risky because too much is at stake.


How about if you don't make terrible movies? this thing cracked me up, why "that's my boy" and "Battleship" were disasters? Because they were awful, terrible scripts. Adam Sandler is a special case though, she get pays over 10 million dollars per movie but he is not funny, not good looking and is a terrible, terrible actor. I'd never watch an Adam Sandler movie even if they pay me to do so.


I have a solution to their problem. Stop paying your overpaid, pampered actors 15-30 million a film. Problem solved. Hell, if its multiple big name stars, they can literally take up almost half of the films budget :s

Why am I not rich, cause apparently im smarter than movie execs.