More Kelly Brook Bikini Pics From Ischia, Italy! OW!

Photo Credit: WENN

Well, as we mentioned earlier, Kelly Brook is currently vacation in Ischia, Italy with her rugby player boyfriend Thom Evans. I wonder how many hours Thom spends motor-boating Kelly behind closed doors? God daaayum! Any Bastardly Estimates out there, by chance?

We’re pretty sure these two are staying in Ischia through the end of the weekend, considering there’s a film festival currently going down on the picturesque volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. You can check the earlier set of bikini pics here.

  • KobeBryan

  • LaLa

    I knew she would live up to her destiny of being fat one day. She is pushing 30, so maintaining her figure is harder than it used to be. Looks like the rest of her body has now caught up with her fat tits. It always does in these cases.

  • Bolt Uprite

    Maybe they have a blessed announcement.

  • cali-17

    In addition to the obvious faults pointed out by others, she shouldn’t let her hair get wet when there are photographers around.

  • Leni

    Not looking as good as she used to, but does every woman need to be size 0-2? Nah. She is not fat, I hope she won’t gain more weight though.

  • Kristin

    She looks awful.

  • Boz

    Tara Reid’s stomach >>>>

  • ctrlaltdelete

    Her tits are far too big. DO NOT WANT!

  • mud hen

    To the earlier comment about her bf being fit and her not so fit – I find that a lot of guys that are gym types actually like thick girls.

    You’d think they would want a girl fit like themselves but that’s not always the case at all.

  • mud hen

    Guessing the size of her boobs as Moejackson asked I’d say 42DD. They’re at least DD maybe more but I don’t remember what’s after that.

    Any females want to guess? They most likely have a better idea than guys.

  • Cat46

    She’s not fat but her boobs are way to big for my taste and in 20 years they will probably reach her knees. However I’m not a man. lol

  • AlexAfonso

    still good for me

  • dinodan

    Best comment ever

  • George the Canadian Bastard

    Crunches are good for you.

  • Irons

    Another shattered dream. Goddam it she’s fat.

  • BurntToast

    … Maybe a little too much to love. Plus she’s got that horse face you gotta deal with.