NYC: Miranda Kerr Catwalked Her Way To Dinner @ Maialino Last Night

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Miranda Kerr dumped the baggy summer outfits & went with a 100x sexier & simpler getup as she flashed a quick smile after having a luxurious dinner at Maialino Restaurant. Her actor hubby Orlando Bloom is currently in London, so sadly he wasn’t around, although we’re pretty sure at least five NYC sugar daddies tried to get a piece.

For those of you want to drop some hard-earned cash on a nice meal, hit the restaurant’s Sunday night dinner special where you can enjoy a five-course tasting menu for $55. Pretty damn pricey, but hey, it’s NYC & considering the restaurant in question is located inside the ultra-luxurious Gramercy Park Hotel, that’s not a bad deal. We’d definitely rack this place up on the special list of “Restaurants to hit ONLY if sex after dinner is guaranteed.”

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