Vida Guerra @ IFBB LA Grand Prix Pro Bikini Competition in Culver City

Photo Credit: WENN

Classify this under the “What the fuck happened to her?” category because seriously, what the fuck happened to Vida Guerra? If you look at Vida’s juicy category from the early days this chick, though getting some of that butta love, showed us what DAT ASS was. Now she’s competing in her first IFBB LA Grand Prix Pro Bikini competition in Culver City, California. Just in case you were wondering, Vida came in 10th place out of 10 competitors.

  • Moe

    in a booty matchup between Kim & Vida, who would win?

  • JPRichardson

    This is Vida’s first competition EVER. She is competing in the BIKINI category (not bodybuilding). Vida has always trained and has always been and looked athletic. This is NOT how a bodydduilder looks. Her body is amazing, but I understand some guys are scared of fit women.

  • major_got_banned

    those fitness contests are for off duty and ex strippers that want to take it too far. most do.

  • spangly

    Not digging her new look. She is desperate to hold on to whatever fame she can.