• spangly

    Love her pretty feet in those heels!

  • McPerv

    When a civilized man sees something like this, his mind is in a battle with millions of years of evolution embedded in his DNA.

  • Leni

    So do I! She has very pretty feet.

  • luv-em-all


  • miley syphylis


  • spangly

    lol…Moe must have thrown in that closeup of her feet just for us! He knows us so well!

  • spangly

    You are just saying that its “natural” for a man to be attracted to an attractive female who is dressed in a way that signals she is sexually available. I agree.

  • McPerv

    Right. Normal biological signals go off if she is attractive, reached the age of fertility, and yes, dresses in a way to suggest availability. It’s primitive and disgusting, but just stating what is true. We have minds as well and can resist things that are wrong, it’s why I don’t just go around bonking stupid or annoying people on their heads with a club.

  • Philr Crackin

    FOURTEEN ??????? I hope she looks this good when she is 18

  • Auntie Krist

    This kid is trying too hard to be an adult. Pathetic almost.

  • Nookies

    Use an AR-15..Gun > Club.

  • RRR3000

    Even if others (like miley and selena) maybe let her think she has to wear it, it stays her choice and i think she is really hot in that clothes so just let her wear it if she wants.