Steve Carrell Says Comedy Has Become “Uber-Cynical” and “Mean”

It’s not like I want to put sunshine and lollipops into the world. But I do believe there’s been a turn toward an uber-cynical point of view, and it’s borderline mean.[THR]

Former Office headliner Steve Carrell, who stars with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones in the upcoming comedy Hope Springs, is taking comedy in Hollywood to task for becoming (in his view) cynical and mean. Too many jokes about people’s addictions, kids, and stories about rape and murders have left the veteran with a feeling that he may have fallen out of love with comedy if this is the direction it’s going to go. Carrell, who is slated to reprise his iconic role in the upcoming Anchorman sequel, is stepping away from comedy and adding a good deal of well-picked dramas to his resume, including an upcoming feature where he plays a killer.

Will audiences warm up to a darker, more deranged Carrell? Read the full interview at The Hollywood Reporter to find out more.