“Dark Knight Rises” Remains No.1 For 3rd Week

The big news at the box office this weekend wasn’t that The Dark Knight Rises remained in its top spot for a third weekend in a row: it was that the Total Recall reboot barely outperformed the original from 1990 . . . that’s 22 years ago!

The Colin Farrell-Kate Beckinsale remake debuted in second place with $26 million, while the original opened with $25.5 million. Adjusted for inflation, that means that the original would have grossed $45 million in today’s dollars. Ouch.

Industry insiders are writing the new Total Recall off as a big budget flop that has virtually no chance of recouping its domestic marketing costs or its $125 million budget. Sony, which produced the film, may have to dip into its Spider-Man kitty to pay off its investors. Double ouch. (And consider this: what does it say about the modern state of moviemaking when Andrew Garfield is a more bankable action star than Colin Farrell?)

The other top three movies were decidedly kiddie/family fare with Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and Ice Age: Continental Drift taking the third and fourth spots. The kinda sorta semi offensive buddy comedy The Watch stayed in fifth place, meaning that Ben Stiller’s career still needs a relaunch. Maybe he should replace James Spader on The Office?! Quick, call NBC!

The top five films this weekend were as follows:

1. The Dark Knight Rises — $36.4 million
2. Total Recall — $26.0 million
3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days — $14.7 million
4. Ice Age: Continental Drift — $8.4 million
5. The Watch — $6.4 million


Total Recall looked and sounded alright. However, Farrell/Biel were dull and the science was bad.

Kate Beckinsale was enjoyable.


Total Recall needed a real action star lead actor