Usain Bolt retains title of world’s fastest man

Usain Bolt once again is the fastest human being on the planet. Even after his troubles earlier this year (on and off the track) were there any serious doubts that Bolt was going to win the 100-meter dash? Some people thought this year would be the one where he was challenged the most, partly due to the fact that Bolt seemed a bit off his game. Another reason was that his competition was going to be at its best. People grading this set of sprinters the best ever from top to bottom. In the end Bolt was the first to cross the finish line clocking a time of 9.63 seconds to take the gold medal home to Jamaica. Bolt’s own teammate Yohan Blake also took the silver for Jamaica and the United States’ Justin Gatlin coming in at third to take the bronze.

Believe it or not, Bolt had to play a bit of catch up most of the race after a slower burst off the starting blocks. It took Bolt a bit to get going but once he hit his final gear it was obvious that no one was going to be able to beat him. Some attention was brought to a bottle being thrown from the crowd in the direction of Bolt but fortunately it didn’t come close enough to affect the start of any sprinters. At that point once the sprinters are set on the blocks they’re in complete focus so I’m not surprised none of them realized what had happened afterwards. So what’s next for Bolt? Can he keep his dominance for another four years? We’ll have to wait and see but right now he can celebrate knowing that he’s the greatest sprinter of all time.

Olympic medal standings as of 3:00pm ET
China – 64 total medals (31 gold, 19 silver, 14 bronze)
United States – 61 total medals (28 gold, 14 silver, 19 bronze)
Great Britain – 40 total medals (18 gold, 11 silver, 11 bronze)
Russia – 38 total medals (5 gold, 17 silver, 16 bronze)
Japan – 28 total medals (2 gold, 12 silver, 14 bronze)

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That was bad-ass.


he is the greatest of all time