Reports: Dwight Howard to the Lakers in four-team trade

Just like that, with information of Howard being traded, the entire landscape of the NBA changes. At first it seemed that these were only strong rumors but slowly and surely it was evident last night that Dwight Howard will be part of the Lakers starting this 2012-13 season. In case you haven’t been keeping up closely, here’s a quick summary of the trade:

Los Angeles Lakers acquire Dwight Howard; Denver Nuggets acquire Andre Iguodala; Philadelphia 76ers acquire Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson; Orlando Magic acquire Aroon Aflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic plus multiple  first-round draft pick from each of the other teams.

In the back of my mind I always figured Howard would be a Laker eventually (especially after the Nets deal fell apart) but what surprised me with this deal was that the Lakers didn’t have to give up Pau Gasol in order to get Howard. I’m not a Lakers-hater by any stretch (I only dislike them being in west blocking my Mavs) but this trade almost doesn’t seem fair to the rest of the league. I’m serious! I’m still in disbelief that the Lakers starting five this next season will be Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, World Peace, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. I know, the back court is suspicious on defense because of the age factor but when you have Howard guarding the rim most of the worry gets wiped out immediately. Does this mean it’s going to be a guaranteed Heat-Lakers finals? No, i’m not going to go that far just yet because we all know that throwing a bunch of superstars together doesn’t guarantee anything.

Who’s the happiest Laker right now? Steve Nash? Just think about the situation that he was in last season and think about the situation he’s in for next season. It has to be Kobe. He’s now in serious contention for that 6th ring that seems so critical to his evaluation. It also means that Kobe will climb the greatest NBA players and greatest Lakers of all time ranks at a higher rate.

Did I mention that all these guys get to live next to pacific ocean in Los Angeles where it’s 75 degrees and sunny everyday? Yeah, this trade isn’t fair.

PS. Yes, this is Bowser and I changed my name because it was already taken. It’s about the only that I don’t like about the changes. Other than that, i’m liking the change so far.