NYC: Kate Upton Rocks Reebok ZigTech; Wants To Date Robert Pattinson.

Kate Upton, Reebok & Nike

Kinda blurry & definitely not up to par with with what we’re used to from Kate Upton, but nevertheless, she was out & about SoHo on Friday afternoon (August 17) chatting away on her iPhone. The Sports Illustrated cover girl was pimping Reebok ZigTech kicks & a blue Nike workout top and appeared to be walking home after hitting the gym.

In more important news, the all-American hottie from Michigan (hence the D-Town hat) recently revealed in an interview that she would consider dating heartbroken “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson. As you guys know, the dude pretty much holds an all-access pass to every phun-nanny on the planet & he’ll soon realize that getting cheated on by his former girlfriend Kristen Stewart was the best thing that could happen to him.

  • she looks pretty good in workout clothes, and her staying in shape will keep the haters away

  • Nookies

    She’ll be a cow in her late 20’s. Or when she gets knocked up. So far im 2 for 2 on this.

    • Zod

      god all you fucking haters are fucking retarded it’s unbelievable! I knew 1 in 4 people were dumb but goddamn this is so sad. do I seriously need to smack some sense in everybody or are you all just fucking blind? Kate Upton is a knockout and nothing’s ever going to change that!

      • Nookies

        You’re blinded by her giant tits.

    • bryanzee

      She’s already a baby calf

      • Zod

        Fucking eat penguin shit, you ass-spelunker! And what the fuck are you? Oh, that’s right… you’re a stupid puddle of a homeless man’s urine! So fuck off!! ><

      • Nookies

        Moo. Zod is going ape shit Loool.

  • hank hill

    i give her 2 weeks till she’s obese

    • Zod

      Listen, you donkey-raping shiteater! That’s totally not cool and uncalled for. You can’t just go around saying stuff like that about Kate Upton. Why, you know what you are? You’re a little bitch. That’s right, you’re a bitch, and I bet you’d like to suck it, wouldn’t you? You should just kill yourself right now you slow-witted rectal belch! >:O

  • jimbo

    If she had announced that she would date me, i would be in bed with her the very same day!

    • Zod

      I know, right?! What guy wouldn’t be on that at that drop of a hat! DAMN!!! I wouldn’t even wait for the fucking hat! lol šŸ™‚

  • LaLa

    It’s not that she’s even fat, she just has an odd Kesha shaped body, plus she’s doughy. Toning up is her only hope.

  • Why would this amazon want to date the skinny vampire R.Puttz unless she wanted to beat his ass?

  • luv-em-all

    About another 10 lbs and she’ll be a Kelly Brook double.

  • Zod

    Wow! With open mouth and closed eyes, no words are escaping……… Kate Upton is absolutely breath-taking!!! A perfect 10! :O

  • bryanzee

    fat ass hoe